Towns, cities and states are all looking toward dronevertising for tourism.

Drones for Tourism!!??? Yes, take a look at the videos below.

Towns, cities and states are all looking toward dronevertising for tourism. The stunning views that can ONLY be seen with a drone are breathtakingly beautiful and capture the potential toursists interest.

The tourism industry is experiencing major changes. Today, short trips booked on short notice dominate the market. The more important it becomes for tourism providers, hotel industry and whole regions, to present their offers in an attractive and convincing way, and to run effective online marketing also. This is where Florida Drone Videos comes to play. We are your answer to online marketing with stunning photography and video that puts your online marketing at the top!


“It’s just a view that we never get to see and it's stunning.”


The video below is now available to see on Richmond Online, which was set up in 1999 because he noticed there was no single website pulling together information about the town.

The website began in partnership between Richmond Town Council, Richmond Business and Tourism Association and the Richmond Partnership, but in 2007 the website was handed back Mr Russell’s company Moonburst in order to continue its development.

Richmond counselor Stuart Parsons assists Mr Russell with the website and watched the filming take place.

He said: “Andy wanted something spectacular to go on the website so decided to commission the film.


“They did the filming with the drone over a couple of days during the summer, which was really exciting to watch, and the result is just fantastic.”


Cities across the U.S. are clambering to get tourism videos to boost the number of tourist visitors. Florida Drone Videos is THE answer!

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Florida Drone Videos is owned by Florida Drone LLC.

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Florida Drone LLC, We have worked with: NASCAR Drivers, International Film Crews, Disney Parks, Clear Vision Media, City and County Tourism, Large and Small Businesses, Luxury Real Estate Sales Brokers, Yacht Sales Brokers, Residential Communities, Golf Clubs (public & private), Events (large and small), Weddings, Surfing Events, Charities, Search & Rescue ...and much more! Florida Drone LLC also works with MANY local businesses including Wedding Planners, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies, For-Sale-Buy-Owner homeowners, Event Planners, and much more.

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