Film Companies
Florida Drone LLC now provides crews of varying sizes for film companies, large and small.

UHD Aerial film and video crews are provided for an array of different clients and situations and is a key part of our business. Florida Drone LLC provides local crews shooting UHD filming throughout the United States. These crews shoot a myriad of different types of programs: feature films, behind the scenes, broadcast documentaries, historical, VNR's, corporate, dramatic, re-enactments and others.

What makes us different than other production companies? Experience, actual flight time, photography education and knowledge, experience with photography and video editing programs, experience working with various film companies, our professionalism and our pride in providing the highest quality filming possible.

In order to provide the right drone crew and equipment for our clients, Florida Drone LLC takes great pride in our understanding of production and what the clients needs are for any particular shoot. We'll want to know what you're shooting, what you know about the location(s) environment, altitudes needed for our drones, airport locations nearby, etc. We will always give you direct access to the Director of Photography and the rest of the crew involved. We make it a point not to get in the way of the creative process so you can achieve the highest production quality and meet timeline requirements.

So, whether you need a one person UHD film crew or a large film crew, you can look to Florida Drone LLC to put it all together for you. Florida Drone LLC is highly experienced in aerial and ground filming and working with film companies, both nation wide and international. We take great care and pride in helping the hiring film company to achieve it's goal. We want you to know that we are really an extension of your office when you call us. No markups, no add-ons, no surprises..., simply call us and we will be there for you.

This video shows Florida Drone LLC Filming "Rack 'N' Roll America", a reality television show.


Meet the Team

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Lead Editor Professional Aerial Photgraphy Drone Pilot

About Us

Florida Drone Videos is owned by Florida Drone LLC.

We work with:

  • NASCAR Drivers
  • Film Companies (large & small)
  • Clear Vision Media
  • Disney Parks
  • Google
  • City, County & State Tourism
  • Music Videos
  • Businesses (large & small)
  • Luxury Real Estate Sales Brokers
  • Yacht Sales Brokers
  • Residential Communities
  • Golf Clubs (public & private)
  • Events (large and small)
  • Weddings
  • Surfing Events
  • Search & Rescue
  • ...and much more!

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Video Demos of our Filmwork

Clients and Partners

Florida Drone LLC, We have worked with: NASCAR Drivers, International Film Crews, Disney Parks, Clear Vision Media, City and County Tourism, Large and Small Businesses, Luxury Real Estate Sales Brokers, Yacht Sales Brokers, Residential Communities, Golf Clubs (public & private), Events (large and small), Weddings, Surfing Events, Charities, Search & Rescue ...and much more! Florida Drone LLC also works with MANY local businesses including Wedding Planners, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies, For-Sale-Buy-Owner homeowners, Event Planners, and much more.

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