After being on the road for almost 2 weeks and capturing a TON of footage, we put together a commercial for one of the many pool rooms we stopped at. The Smokin Cue, located in Charlotte Nc. we a really cool place to visit and we met some really nice folks. They signed up for the RackNRollAmerica Package. Here's the video we made that now shows on The Billiard Channel on Roku:

Just before Christmas 2016, we made a trip to Palatka, Florida to shoot footage for a commercial. Nordic Club Florida is an all-inclusive resort with a focus on motocross and we had a great time with the folks out there!

It was an overcast morning and quite cold for us Floridians, but with plenty of hot coffee and meeting some really heartwarming people, the day just got better and better.

This was actually one of our more dangerous shoots due to the high speeds of the motocross riders and the heights that they reach while coming off some of the jumps. Honestly, it was exactly like being in the middle of a 3 ring circus while trying to fly your drone and run multiple cameras (hand-held and on tripods) and run the entire show, all at the same time! Oh, and let's not forget the language barrier... all of these people were from Sweden!

As a side note: one of the riders we filmed is ranked number 5 in all of Sweden. Knowing a little bit about motocross myself, that's pretty damn good!

After we got back from this trip, it was time to look at all the footage. We were really excited after seeing the first few shots. We knew this was going to turn out great for the Nordic Club Florida group, but that it would also really put us to the test on our editing skills... it had to be some of our best work. Well, for the next week (including Christmas day), editing, editing and lots more editing ocurred.

Our chief pilot John Speidel flew the drone for all of aerial stuff and did a terrific job! Long story short, we are proud of the final results! Here it is:


insidepool rnr clear 144dpi rectangle

A marketing and promotions program that truly helps to put a spotlight on YOUR business!

The Poolroom / Venue / Business gets:

  • a Roku player and shows The Billiard Channel at all times
  • an advertising commercial (like this one) made by Rack 'N' Roll America to show on your website, facebook, etc.
  • your commercial is shown on The Billiard Channel (monthly fee).
  • an established relationship with InsidePool TV
  • your business commercial is being seen by pool players on The Billiard Channel
  • your pool events are being livestreamed onto InsidePool TV
  • your pool events are also being seen on The Billiard Channel and available for replay at any time
  • you get a successful InsidePool TV Rewards Program (like this) placed in your business to help keep customers coming back and to get new people in the door.

The Poolroom / Venue / Business Agrees to (the Rack 'N' Roll America Package deal):

  • Install a Roku TV or Roku Player
  • Show The Billiard Channel on at least one TV at all times
  • Install and agree to terms for the InsidePool TV Rewards Program
  • Allow a commercial to be done by InsidePool TV for their business (for a fee)
  • Pay a monthly fee for the commercial to be shown on The Billiard Channel
  • Hire InsidePool TV to livestream your pool / billiard related events like this (if livestreaming is to be done)

For businesses interested in this great marketing and promotions program or for more information, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A Separate Website for coming soon!

#racknrollamerica #floridadronellc #insidepoolTV 

Strokers Billiards & Grille is proud to announce our new rewards card & app.

spoton strokers the billiard channel

  • We have teamed up with Inside Pool TV and The Billiard Channel to bring our customers some great rewards just for being a loyal customer!
  • It's easy to earn and redeem rewards at Strokers Billiards & Grille by simply scanning your card or the mobile app each time you visit.
  • AND just for becoming a rewards customer, after 10 checkins (spots) you are qualified to enter to our monthly pool tournament (details coming soon)!




Grab a card (it’s FREE!) or download the mobile app.

strokers rewards phone app 500 

Scan it on the tablet (and repeat every 2 hours).

scan rewards phone app 500  

Get rewards (spots).

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Rack 'N' Roll America films pool / billiard events.

Do you need an event filmed? Give us a call or contact us to set up the film shoot.

denver evans

Country Music star Denver Evans and Florida Drone LLC are working together to make a music video for Denver's song "Always Be Her Man". Denver wrote this song and recorded it at Verge Recording in Nashville Tennessee early this year in February. In Denver's own words, "My friends down at Verge Recording in Nashville and all of the musicians have gone way above and beyond! To be honest, I'm a little in shock at how this song has come out. I've always wanted to record music that leans more toward country music from the past and this is most definitely right on target".

Florida Drone LLC and Denver are expecting to record the music video for "Always Be Her Man" in late October of this year in Tennessee. The exact location is still being worked out, but the ideas surrounding this video are extreme to say the least. This is going to be an exciting and beautifully filmed music video that will include aeriel shots from mutiple drones and ground based cameras. Everything will be recorded on Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K video and then later edited by a highly experienced team.

The Florida Drone LLC film crew is reeling with excitment as we plan the video shoot and ideas are literally flying all over the place. "We are expecting this film shoot to take two days to get everything we need. Without giving away too much about the video, I will say that there will be hay involved and the video might get you a little dizzy", say Michael Lafrinere, owner of Florida Drone LLC. "

Denver Evans currently performs at "Tom & Earl's Back Alley Grill" in Gatlinburg, Tn. on a regular basis.

Here's a little bit more about Denver Evans:



About: Denver Evans is no stranger to Country music. At age 12, he began learning to play piano, and within a year, he was performing with his father's band around East Tennessee. In 1994, he started touring the country with different road bands, getting his feet wet for bigger and better things to come. Within three years, Denver moved to Nashville and landed a keyboard playing position with country singer, Trini Triggs, who was signed with Curb Records. He toured the United States with Trini, performing at well-known venues such as Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, Texas, Buck Owen's Crystal Palace and many others. Denver also had the opportunity to perform on TNN's Prime Time Country television show.

Denver flew to Ecuador, South America in 2001 with a band formed for the Armed Forces Entertainment organization. They toured Ecuador, performing for the United States Air Force and also played a private show for the ambassador to Ecuador during a fourth of July celebration.

Later in 2001, Denver struck out on his own and formed his own band. He was picked up by a national booking agent and was touring the country, opening for big named country acts like Montgomery-gentry, Mark Chesnut and others. After many years of touring, Denver decided to come off the road and spend some much needed time with his wife and young children.

In September of 2014, he began performing as the house entertainment at Tom & Earl's Back Alley Grill in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He is thoroughly enjoying his residency there, entertaining folks from all over the world while he records and releases new music to his friends and fans.

Florida Drone LLC's pool related film crew "Rack 'N' Roll America".

Rack 'N' Roll America (Florida Drone LLC's pool filming division for Inside Pool TV and The Billiard Channel) sponsored three (3) APA teams in Central Florida. Great News! All three teams won at city finals! All three teams will represent Rack 'N' Roll America in Las Vegas this coming August and will wear the official "Rack 'N' Roll America" T-shirts. The teams consist of two 8-ball teams and one 9-ball team.

"We are proud to have these three great teams represent us in Las Vegas", says Michael Lafrinere of Rack 'N' Roll America. We watched these teams and their leaders battle it out for three full and long days straight. It was great competition and a LOT of great pool action. All three of our teams won and we couldn't be more proud! Without true leadership, there can be no great team, and without a great team there can be no great leaders."

The teams representing Rack 'N' Roll America are out of "Full Moon Saloon" in Daytona Beach Florida, "No Name Saloon and Grille" in Edgewater Florida and "Jan & Lib's Hi-Tops Bar" also from Edgewater Florida. We are currently sponsoring another team (VNEA) at Strokers Billiards & Grille in Edgewater Florida and they look to be Las Vegas bound also!

Rack N Roll America Sponsored Teams

Rack N Roll America at Full Moon Saloon in Daytona Beach, Florida. #racknrollamerica 

inside pool tv i q words white 400 floridadronellc logo 600  rnr logo 1000  marietta billiard club 

Florida Drone LLC as "Rack 'N' Roll America" will be filming a Pool Challenge Match between:
Rodney “The Rocket” Morris vs Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer

  • What: This is the kick off "Progressive Challenge Match" where the winner will hold the TV Table as long as possible taking on all qualified challengers.
  • When: April 26, 2016 at 6 PM EST.
  • Where: Marietta Billiards, Marietta, GA.

Info: The fist match (Rodney Morris vs, Johnny Archer) is 10 Ball and a race to 15! The winner gets $5,000!
The match will be streamed live on Inside Pool TV with commentation by Alvin Nelson. See it live at
Florida Drone LLC will film during the live match, then edit for TV in post-production, to be broadcast on "The Billiard Channel".

Sponsored by:

  • Inside Pool TV
  • Image Que Custom Cues
  • Florida Drone LLC / Rack 'N' Roll America.

Sponsor Info:

Get your Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirts! Click here!

archer morris challenge flyer

Get your Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirts! Click here!

The OFFICIAL Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirts are now available for purchase!

To order online, go to:

To get your T-shirt locally (no shipping and/or handling fees) in the New Smyrna Beach / Edgewater Florida area, call (386) 847-2320.

As we begin the new and highly anticipated reality TV series "Rack 'N' Roll America", join our adventures and be part of the team by wearing your very own OFFICIAL "Rack 'N' Roll America" T-shirt! These high quality t-shirts proudly display the Rack 'N' Roll America logo on the front left chest area and across the entire back of the shirt.

Available in black and sizes from small to 4X, these t-shirts make the perfect gift for Rack 'N' Roll America fans, pool players, fans and fanatics.

Relaxed, tailored and ultra-comfortable, you’ll love the way you look in this durable and reliable t-shirt. 50% cotton and 50% polyester | Fabric Weight: 5.3 oz (medium heavyweight). Double-stitched seams at shoulder, sleeve, collar and waist.

(click for a larger view)

The Offiicial Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirt main logo


(click for larger view)

The Offiicial Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirt main front The Ofiicial Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirt main back

Rack 'N' Roll America


Contact Information: Florida Drone LLC

Florida Drone LLC Announces Casting and Pre-production of

Rack 'N' Roll America


Edgewater, Florida – Florida Drone LLC is proud to announce the casting and pre-production of “Rack 'N' Roll America”, a reality television show series, produced by Michael Lafrinere (Florida Drone LLC), executive producer Les Anderson (Red Sail Media) directed by Johnny Q. Speidel (a well known master pool cue maker) and Curt Daniels for sound and lighting (Flatwater Studios) has begun.


press behind 1 1000

(Executive Producer Les Anderson filming during Rack 'N' Roll America promo. Pictured above left to right: Les Anderson and Gail Peyer)


Rack 'N' Roll America is a reality based television series about average (amateur) pool players, matched up in teams of two (Scotch Doubles) that compete against each other. The teams are made up of one "A" player and one "B" player. "A" players are very good amateurs and "B" players are more average. The game will be based on 8 Ball (most people that have played before knows the basic rules). With Scotch Doubles 8 Ball, if a player makes a ball in a pocket, then it's their team partner's turn to try. When someone misses, then it's the other teams turn. When teams are setup like this, the drama, expectation and excitement can get very intense. We have plans for other games for later in the season and also for future seasons.


Many recognized names in pool will star in this reality show as commentators, guest show hosts, referees and even as coaches in the later part of the series. The production plan for Rack 'N' Roll America includes traveling to other cities across the United States later this year and filming in various pool and billiard halls everywhere. This is a really big breakthrough in the pool/billiards industry. It will be the best thing pool has ever seen on television and it will be filmed in 4k resolution! As spoken by members of the Rack 'N' Roll America production crew and even some of the cast, “this will be the American Idol of pool”.


press behind 4 1000

(Team interviews during filming for the Rack 'N' Roll America promo. Pictured left to right: Tommy Heidrick and Becky Yelvington)


The show pilot for Rack 'N' Roll America will be filmed at Strokers Billiards and Grille, located at 1517 S. Ridgewood Ave. in Edgewater, Florida. Closed-set filming and private casting for the show cast and pool players has already begun.


The show pilot, Rack 'N' Roll America will be filmed in front of a live audience of approximately 150 people and the expected filming date will take place in late March of this year. This is not only a show pilot, its the beginning of the series.


Rack 'N' Roll America is being filmed for HF Enterprises Inc, based out of Arcata, California. Ron Hoffman, CEO of HF Enterprises Inc, is ecstatic about the project and is now in the final stages of completing many other smaller projects that Rack 'N' Roll America will enable for launch. Ron Hoffman (well known in the pool/billiards industry) is the owner of Inside Pool Magazine (and InsidePoolMag,com), InsidePool.TV, The Billiard Channel (on Roku and soon Apple TV), and many other pool related programs and initiatives.


color of money the hustler

The movies “The Hustler” (1961), starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason, and “The Color of Money” (1986), starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, were huge hits and made a lot of money for the pool/billiards industry. “Comparatively, the reality television series “Rack 'N' Roll America” will hit the pool/billiards industry a hundred times harder”, says film producer Michael Lafrinere. “It really will be the American Idol of pool”.


press behind 2 1000

(Executive Producer Les Anderson filming segments of the promo for Rack 'N' Roll America)


The buzz around the cities of Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach Florida about Rack 'N' Roll America is already stirring lots of attention. With the filming location being at Strokers Billiards and Grille in Edgewater Florida, the business is already seeing more and more customer flow due to leaks of information about the filming. “This is exciting news for Strokers, the city of Edgewater and the whole pool world in general” says Strokers Billiards and Grille owner Millie Hoffman. “This show will be the biggest thing pool has ever seen and it will start right here at Strokers. It's really exciting.”


strokers 1000

(Strokers Billiards and Grille in Edgewater Florida)


Being the pilot for the series, many of the particulars are still being worked out, but the majority of necessary items needed for production are already set in place. Concerning financing the production costs, normally once a show pilot has been produced, it is presented to studio and network executives, and in some cases to test audiences. At this point, the pilot receives various degrees of feedback and is gauged on its potential to advance from one single pilot to a full-fledged series. It is then presented and shown to potential advertisers. This is how and when the networks sell the majority of the advertising for their new show series. It will be the same for us except for one big difference: our pilot will be shown on The Billiards Channel (on Roku and Apple TV) for everyone to watch. The official sponsored pool cue maker is “We already have a few sponsors and advertisers very interested in the show and more are welcome.”

For further information to advertise and/or be a show sponsor, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For the Officail Rack 'N' Roll America T-shirt, ckick here!

Florida Drone LLC

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Clients and Partners

Florida Drone LLC, We have worked with: NASCAR Drivers, International Film Crews, Disney Parks, Clear Vision Media, City and County Tourism, Large and Small Businesses, Luxury Real Estate Sales Brokers, Yacht Sales Brokers, Residential Communities, Golf Clubs (public & private), Events (large and small), Weddings, Surfing Events, Charities, Search & Rescue ...and much more! Florida Drone LLC also works with MANY local businesses including Wedding Planners, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies, For-Sale-Buy-Owner homeowners, Event Planners, and much more.

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