Florida Drone LLC was asked at the last minute to film a few bands for possible music videos. Although we had no idea what to expect, we did show up and we did film!

I think we did okay!

SAA Images Accompanied Florida Drone LLC at the 2015 Skinner Round-up Hoedown!

Photographer, Sarah took some great shots during the event and we were happy to have her with us.

Here's our facebook post of her pics:

Photos by https://www.facebook.com/saaimages

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  Florida Drone LLC expanded our operations a while back and is now a full production company! We expanded our operations to include professional film services at the ground level, literally! We had been flying all of our cameras in the past. Florida Drone LLC film crews can also be filming with professional grade equipment on the ground! Our film studio can be anywhere and everywhere!

 Motion without blur. Action shots without shake. Perfect video even when we move.

Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designed to keep our cameras flat no matter how we move, our professional and high tech film cameras help to record videos and take photos like never before. These are much more than just cameras. They help us to create with more freedom than ever.


Florida Drone LLC's recognized leadership in drone videos has gained extraordinary attention and now with our camera stabilization down ON the ground and into our hands, just think of the possibilities and options available to you!

Our film making cameras offer a 3-axis stabilization system completely integrated with the camera cancels out any movements in three directions so it stays still even if our hands shake or wobble. This is the first time this technology is available in a camera you can hold. We now bring you "ground level" 4K video at 24, 25, 30 and 60 frames per second (and 120 frames per second for slow motion) so we can even shoot for the big screen, and capture photos at 16 megapixels in Adobe DNG RAW,opening up shots that were never thought possible before.

Florida Drone LLC will be in "Full Production" mode and filming for Mike and Angie Skinner at the 2015 Skinner Round-up.

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WANT TO WIN a Florida Drone LLC T-shirt (men's and women's available), a Florida Drone LLC Hat and 10 Twist Stylus...

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facebook promo 1 1

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Florida Drone LLC has been hired to film a surfing event. The tenative date is September 19, 2015. We will be filming many local surfers and a few visiting from other states. Come on out and watch the filming. We will also try to broadcast the event LIVE on the internet. More details on the surfing event coming soon!

Here is a preview of what you can expect from our filming of the surfing event!


We think we filmed a ghost while filming out in the Florida Everglades. It only showed up on one frame of the video. Look in the doorway.

(You can click the image to get a bigger picture.)

ghost in door

 Here is a zoomed in frame of the video:

We think it may be a woman in a sun-dress.

(You can click the image to get a bigger picture.)

ghost in door zoom

Here is the low resolution video (brightened due to low light conditions) that we put together before seeing the ultra high resolution images above:

Yep, Florida Drone LLC now has mobile advertising:

Florida Drone LLC truck side

Florida Drone LLC truck back

Within the next couple of weeks, Florida Drone LLC will be working along side Maximus Film GmbH, filming Survival Training in the Everglades National Park located at the south tip of Florida. Maximus Film GmbH is based out of Unterföhring in Germany (near Munich). They are one of Germany’s best story-weavers in the (film/TV) industry and we are looking forward to working with them (I hope they can speak English, because we don't speak German).

Maximus Film works the film industry mostly for the German audiance and specializes in regular TV programming, documentaries, feature films and more. 50% of their production volume is international. Regardless if it is the coldest or the most toxic place in the world, they have to capability to film with stability and in the highest quality. There is no other TV production company in Germany that shoots more international footage on a daily basis. Consequently, Maximus Film has acquired a worldwide network of co-operating partners (including Florida Drone LLC), an international editorial staff commanding a minimum of 10 languages and, last but not least, their very own travel agency.  To date, they draw on experience from productions in 80 different countries…and still counting.

Here is a link to their website (make sure to click the correct flag for your language - lower right side of their website): www.maximusfilm.dew.maximusfilm.de

We at Florida Drone LLC are excited to work with the international film crew from Maximus Film GmbH in the Everglades National Park, Florida!


Promo video sneak peek #1 for Florida Boat Detailing LLC

Droners.io Professional Aerial Photgraphy Drone Pilot

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Florida Drone LLC, We have worked with: NASCAR Drivers, International Film Crews, Disney Parks, Clear Vision Media, City and County Tourism, Large and Small Businesses, Luxury Real Estate Sales Brokers, Yacht Sales Brokers, Residential Communities, Golf Clubs (public & private), Events (large and small), Weddings, Surfing Events, Charities, Search & Rescue ...and much more! Florida Drone LLC also works with MANY local businesses including Wedding Planners, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies, For-Sale-Buy-Owner homeowners, Event Planners, and much more.

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